A balance retirement plan should have a portfolio that includes a certain amount of real estate investment, be it through an real estate investment fund managed by one of the insurance companies or banks, rental property investments or fractional ownership.

Fractional ownership is a particularly appealing retirement plan real estate investment, particularly if you are planning an early retirement in that it affords you the opportunity of owning a portion of prime real estate, usually a leisure property that allows you access to it for your for a certain amount of time to enjoy.

The beauty of fractional ownership as a retirement investment is that you do not need to commit an exceedingly large amount of capital into the fractional ownership scheme to get access to and invest in some of the worlds most exclusive and sought after real estate. Exclusive game farms with five star accommodation, beachfront apartments in Cape Town or apartments in London, New York and Paris are available as fractional ownership investments.

In South Africa, Seef properties have an extensive portfolio of fractional ownership real estate investments which may fit your retirement plan and allow you to live your retirement in the manner you had envisaged. Fractional ownership in exclusive developments like Zimbali, Pinnacle point and San Lameer. These fractional ownership investments suit a retirement plan perfectly, they are easily acquired with a low entry level investment, enable you to select the amount of time you wish to invest in and can be spread across a range of lifestyle and leisure properties to suit your retirement.

Fractional ownership developments are typically divided into either 13 or 26 shares with each share being divided equally amongst the fractional ownership share holders and affording you either 2 weeks or 4 weeks a year access to the property. You are able to do as you will with the time allocated to your fractional ownership investment and astute buyers often rent out some of the time to give them an income that would cover levies or make a profit.

Some fractional ownership developments are associated with destination exchange organisations that allow them to swop out their fractional ownership with other fractional ownership developments that are also affiliated. This is more of an added bonus and in our opinion, you should enter the fractional ownership market by selecting the types of properties you will personally enjoy. This may include investing in two or three different fractional ownership developments which you can then either use, rent out or swop but first prize is that your well planned retirement affords you the time to use the fractional ownership properties you are invested in.