Investments and investing have become very technical, each different investment opportunity having it’s positive and negative sides dependent on your station in life and as we progress through life the investments that were suitable in our twenties now need to be adjusted, moved or reinvested in other investment vehicles that suit our current stage of life and our goals.

Investex has not yet been launched and we would value any input from our readers as to the format you would like it to take or the questions you would like answered. The overall idea that has been envisaged since 2007 when we registered was to develop a traditional physical Expo which would move around the country showcasing investment options, the companies that offer the investments and the people involved in the investment Industry.

The idea of an Investment expo is not necessarily a new idea but what we would like to see is the Investment guru’s in South Africa debating their individual products which in most cases are so similar it is just the fee structures which differ and they have well thought out names for these investments.

Investing can be very confusing and often we rely upon the Investment advisors from our banks, insurance companies or the bloke a golfing buddy recommended to us. We would like these financial advisors to sit alongside each other and debate solutions for particular peoples circumstances and see what comes out of it.

For example, If a person was 45 years old, had been investing in Annuities, a company pension fund, had some equity in his home, had some savings, had been retrenched and was now in a position where he needed capital to start up his own business. What would be the best way from both a tax perspective and the least punitive investments to realise for his new venture?

There would probably be as many answers as there are people participating in the debate and from one investor to another I would love to see them hash it out.

If you have any ideas or questions you wish answered feel free to send them to expo (@)