As the energy crisis deepens in South Africa, both business and consumers are seeking alternative energy solutions. These energy solutions are taking the form of Solar, Natural or LP gas, Wind and many other innovative energy generation and storage systems that entrepreneurs around the World are coming up with.

Let us consider the most common and readily available solutions that are both practical and proven to work for both domestic and business use.

the first and most obvious thing to do is to reduce your energy consumption in any way you can. This can be achieved by using low voltage lighting, timers and temperature controls on your hot water systems, improving the insulation in your home/building and being generally aware of your energy consumption.

Once this has been taken care of, the next is to make use of solar energy. We live in a country that has a warm climate with sun on most days, even through the winter. Now solar energy products generally take the folr of solar water heating systems that can be seen on the rooves of homes throughout South Africa, from Sandhurst and Clifton to Soshanguve and Soweto.

There is also the option of storing this solar energy by linking an inverter or battery bank to your solar energy panels to store the energy for future use. The most talked about energy storage system in recent time has been from Elon Musk’s Tesla Energy. see In Musks presentation, he shows how little has to be done in order to take the US off the grid completely, which begs the question… Why has it take us so long to start saving energy, or creating energy that does not pollute? Conspiracy theorists will have a field day but let us just say that Humans are generally reactionary and have only reacted now as we come to understand how deep in the proverbial poo we are in.

Alternative energy sources are the 1. The sun, 2. Wind, 3. The oceans (motion), 4. Magnetic and a few others as well. Start thinking folks, use your mind and you too could help save the World.