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Claiming your share of Surplus Pension Funds

Claiming your share of Surplus Pension Funds

We are contacted almost every day by people who wish to claim any pension fund surplus that is owing to them and here we outline the procedure that needs to be followed in order to make your claim from surplus pension funds.

The Pension Funds that are currently redistributing surplus amounts can be seen here, surplus pension funds

If you worked in the metals and engineering industry and contributed to any of the following funds, you need to go here >>

  • Metal Industries Provident Fund (MIPF)
  • Engineering Industries Pension Fund (EIPF)
  • Metal Industries Group Pension Fund (MIGPF)
  • Metal Industries Group Life and Provident Fund (MIGLPF)

The first thing you need to do is determine which fund it was that you were contributing to. You will find the fund name and the administrators on any benefit statement you received while contributing. If you do not have any records of the fund name, you will need to contact the company you were employed by at the time to determine which fund it was.

Ask your former employer if the fund still exists and if there is any surplus available to those who contributed.

During the redistribution process a representative former member of the fund is appointed to look after the members interests. Your former employers may have this information.

If they do not have the information you need to contact the Fund administrators who will be able to assist you. You can do this by searching for the fund name or the fund administrators name on using the search box above. Be as specific as possible eg “ABSA fund administrators or┬áMAFUBE PUBLISHING PENSION FUND”.

Request the claim documents and make sure the claim for your surplus pension funds is very accurately completed.

Following up your claim:

  • Make sure you get a personal contact and email address of a person at the fund right at the outset.
  • Submit regular queries to the fund and if you are not satisfied contact the FSB or have an attorney write to them.
  • Use registered mail or confirmed delivery email when making inquiries.
  • Make very sure that your claim forms are 100% correctly completed and all of the supporting documentation is included
  • Do not accept verbal responses, insist that an email is sent to you.
  • Contact other fund members you know and ask them to make inquiries
  • The basis on which the valuation is made is contained in a report, attempt to get a copy of the report.

We are unfortunately not in a position to assist individuals with claims, these can only be made through the appointed person or directly with the fund administrators.

If you need an attorney to help you, contact David Spencer

502 Responses to “Claiming your share of Surplus Pension Funds”

  1. Frank Minnie says:

    I work for diamond cuttets is there surplus for me tnx

  2. Xolisile Hlongwa says:

    I worked for DCH and Ignition Group. Is there any money for here

  3. Nkosana Terence Nduza says:

    My name is Nkosana Terence Nduza i want to claim army surplus

  4. Ayanda Patrick mini says:

    I have worked guestro for 3months is there any monies for me

  5. Mareldiah Raymond says:

    please unsubscribe my email address

  6. my name is Jacqueline khanyisa ndhlovu , I have worked for JD GROUP for 8 years , can I claim

  7. jacqueline khanyisa ndhlovu says:

    I have worked for JD GROUP for 8 years , I want to claim

  8. Mondli says:

    I have worked at Enviroserv which is waste management company and Hazclic Pty Industrial cleaning company

  9. I work for metal industries funds is there any surplus fund plz contact me.

  10. Jean Pierre Majastre says:

    I am still waiting for an answer for my surplus
    Going for 9 months now
    I have R 20.000 due to me

  11. Mala R says:

    Please contact me regarding my pension fund.

  12. klara blaauw says:

    My name is Klara Blaauw and I have worked at Hella SA(pty)ltd for 8years ,how do I claim for my surplus funds?


    I write on behalf of my father MR JOSEPH MGIDI(ID NO:6001145366086) he used to work for RAND MINES from 1977 till they were retrenched back in 1994.He would like to enquire whether there is any surplus on his behalf.He is still alive ,so he want to come over himself for the claim.

    CONTACTS:072 183 8694/060 665 5362

  14. Ntombi says:

    How can I claim my late father surplus funds

  15. Ntombi says:

    How do I go about to claim my late father surplus funds?

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