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How to Claim your portion of unclaimed benefits from your pension fund

How to Claim your portion of unclaimed benefits from your pension fund

Many of South Africa’s pension fund Administrators hold large sums of money (In excess of R20 Billion) in preservation funds from members who have not claimed their benefits and according to the act these unclaimed benefits mustl be distributed to the member or his beneficiaries.

Each fund administrator has a different process to determine who has any unclaimed benefits and it is very wise to check with the fund administrators if there are any funds owing to you as an employee or as a beneficiary. If you have a spouse/parent/relative who left the country or died, there may be funds owing to him/her or the beneficiaries and it is well worth checking.

Please ensure that you follow the steps below to determine the fund administrators of your fund before going any further and be careful who you give your personal details to.

It is extremely important that you follow the correct procedure and compile the correct documents (see green text below) to facilitate the process.

The process to follow.

  1. Check which fund administrators are responsible for the administration of your fund by searching for the fund name in the search box provided in the blue strip above.
  2. Once you have determined who the fund administrators are, use one of the following links to make a claim for unclaimed benefits.
  3. If your fund administrators link does not appear below you will need to contact them directly. This means that we have not been able to find a website that allows members to request unclaimed benefit information.

if your are a fund administrator or have any additional links/forms to provide please contact directly through the contact form provided.

If you think you may be a beneficiary under a policy you should contact your life assurance company with as much detail as possible. Useful information would include the policy contract document, the identity document of the claimant, bank details of the claimant, a death certificate (in the event of the death of a life assured)

We are assembling a comprehensive list of contacts for unclaimed benefit applications and will be updating this post as soon as we have additional links to offer. – Data Factory

FSB unclaimed benefit search (This is a general search which will return all results for a specific fund or surname to page through)

Alexander Forbes Unclaimed Benefits application form

Metal and Engineering Industries Retirement Funds

Mineworkers Provident fund lists of names who have unclaimed benefits (broken into 4 lists alphabetically)

Motor Industry Fund Administrators Unclaimed benefit forms

NBC Holdings Fund Administrators unclaimed benefits contact

Old Mutual Unclaimed benefits preservation fund request form

Sanlam Staff and beneficiary list who are eligible for unclaimed benefits (Sanlam staff only noy funds administered)



483 Responses to “How to Claim your portion of unclaimed benefits from your pension fund”

  1. Phindiwe Matina says:

    My name is Phindiwe Matina my mom by the name Monica Nompithizelo Matina was working at Harvestime Frozen food she was retrenched in 1994 and never got her monies I want to know if there are no monies due to her. My cell no is 076 485 7700

  2. Marius van Huyssteen says:

    Hi my name is Marius van Huyssteen id no 6709285074084 and my cell no 0810188010 , i was working for the old Table Top FRozen food company and then it was taken over by Mc cain foods, i never got my provident fund mony,can u plz look into it

  3. Emily says:

    Hi, I would like to enquire about funds for my grandmother who worked in a hotel Downtown and Carlton hotel since she was retrenched in 1992. My no. 0826844941

  4. Japhtaline Sebati says:

    My late father D. Labius Sebati worked for Angus Hawken in Rosslyn, where can I claim.

  5. Sophia George says:

    How is it possible that they can say my farthers name apear but the case is close how is that possible my mom as a widow and getting only a pention shehas all rights to that money did someone steal that money as a family we have full rights to my dads money phone num 0845333632

  6. Mmapula Gladys Matlho says:

    My late husband Rampeesu Matlho industry No K1488297 got R46000_00 after the service of 15years is that all from Buffelsfontein Gold Mines at Stillfontein. That was after the earthquake of March 2005

  7. Phindiwe Matina says:

    My name is Phindiwe Matina. My late mom by the name Nompithizelo Monica Matina was retrenched in 1994 but never got her monies I don’t know where to go and which administration they were using at her working place. She was working for Harvestime frozen foods. My contact number is 076 485 7700.

  8. Henry Dhlamini Malindi says:

    I worked for a printer in Doornfontein Jhb.i was not paid any pension fund.I do not know Where to clai m. Please help.

  9. mpho chabalala says:

    hi my name is mpho chabalala my late father mofumaneng petrus chabalala worked for many different construction companies and never claimed any of his money so i wanna ask were and how to claim for his funds my number is 0632007622

  10. Thandeka says:

    A mother of two children did get any thing after her late husband Richard Matenjwa, he was working at Chrome mine Rustenburg, he passed away in 2005, name of the mother Beauty Sifunda,and the children Vusi and Charity. Contact of the mother 076 7164 821

  11. Etienne says:

    I have worked for Anglo American for almost 8 years how would I go by to see if there is any money owed to me from mine pension and provident funds.

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