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Data Factory Unclaimed Benefits Claim Assistance

Data Factory Unclaimed Benefits Claim Assistance

We receive a number of emails and contacts from people who were contacted by either or asking us to assist with any unclaimed benefits claims.

This is what we know about Data Factory Unclaimed Benefits:

The Data Factory is a licensed Financial services provider with the FSB, license number 43846 which operates from the website

Unclaimed benefits is a website owned and operated by Data Factory operating at with an association to the bridge foundation.

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All Three websites ownership info have the same administrative contact

Contact for

The Bridge Foundation
Ground Floor, Slade House, Boundary Terraces,1 Mariendahl Lane, 7700
Administrative Contact

Contact for

4e. adminphone : +27 21 6815700
4f. adminfax : +27 21 6855170
4g. adminemail :


Boundary Terraces
1 Mariendahl Road,
Newlands, 7700

Unclaimed benefits have an active Facebook page with over 6000 likes and from what we can see some very positive feedback. has a number of dissatisfied reports and from what I could see 1 positive report.

From our surface investigations, all three of these operations are legitimate with their biggest downfall being poor communication to some of their customers or potential customers.

The registration process to see if you have any unclaimed benefits is very quick and can be done in around 2-3 minutes.

If these companies are able to efficiently track down those elgible for unclaimed benefits then we applaud them for helping to distribute some of the RBillions that are sitting in unclaimed benefits where the beneficiaries have not been found.

Our advice: Register with them at and see what the outcome is. Please respond to this post with your experiences of dealing with and of these companies, ,

568 Responses to “Data Factory Unclaimed Benefits Claim Assistance”

  1. Christopher Mlamuli Shangase says:

    Hi l of the identifeid particullars worked for company Durban Bag from 1994-2006 hereby seek your assistance regarding surplus benefit claim. My ID no.7009155605086

    Please kindly assist.

    Yours Sincerely
    CM Shangase

  2. Christopher Mlamuli Shangase says:

    I’m hereby CM Shangase 7009155605086 worked for company Durban Bag pty ltd from 1994-2006 wish you to assist in relation to surplus benefit which were not claimed.

    Thanks in regards
    CM Shangase

  3. Michelle Ullbricht says:

    Hi, I worked for FNB and I have surplus benefits due to me by Momentum but I cannot get through to them via telephone. Please assist as I need to claim. Thank you

  4. Philip Pillay says:

    Hi I workd at AG Morris International Shipping Company,bsed in Port Elizabeth.In he year 1991 the company registered me with Elaxendra Pension Fund.A few years later the Company withdrew from the Pension Fund and joined the Provident Fund.I would like to Know what happened to my benifits.

  5. Philile Jekemba says:

    Hi I’m Philile Jekemba
    My father Headman Sandulele Jekemba worked for Railway South Africa in East London Eastern Cape from 1969 to 1984 he was never paid his pension money ,he passed away i 2010 while he was still trying to get his pension
    What should I do to claim his pension ? Please help

  6. THEMBA WELKOM says:

    my brother was working at National hospital for 6 six,now he passed away.his name LINDA GEORGE WELKOM ID NO 8302195473089,I SUBMITTED ALL THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS,I JUST WANT TO KNOW HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR ME TO GET HIS BENEFITS

  7. THEMBA WELKOM says:

    my contact number is 0736675318

  8. sharon gamieldien says:

    Good Day,

    I were retrenched in 2011 and received my pay out just want to check if there are any unclaimed benefits.
    My id: 7312210154086.
    please advise via e-mail

  9. diana says:

    Hi could u kindly assist me with info about my surplus contact 0849002696

  10. diana says:

    Thx in advance

  11. Fezeka Elsie says:

    I worked at stallion security i didnt get my provident fund from 1999 to 2007

  12. mandlenkosi patrick ngetu says:

    hihg will you kindly assist me with info about my supplas my contact is 0810234027/0615692903

  13. Senzo says:

    Good Morning

    My name is Senzo I was working at workforce urgency under Value Logistic from 2001 to 2004 but I never get my money please assist me

  14. Senzo says:

    contact no 0762620170 ID:8008065893088

  15. THEMBA WELKOM says:

    my brother was working for compass company but till im struggling too get his pension fund from nmg,ii have submitted all the required documents but still no progress.0736675318

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