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Data Factory Unclaimed Benefits Claim Assistance

Data Factory Unclaimed Benefits Claim Assistance

We receive a number of emails and contacts from people who were contacted by either or asking us to assist with any unclaimed benefits claims.

This is what we know about Data Factory Unclaimed Benefits:

The Data Factory is a licensed Financial services provider with the FSB, license number 43846 which operates from the website

Unclaimed benefits is a website owned and operated by Data Factory operating at with an association to the bridge foundation.

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All Three websites ownership info have the same administrative contact

Contact for

The Bridge Foundation
Ground Floor, Slade House, Boundary Terraces,1 Mariendahl Lane, 7700
Administrative Contact

Contact for

4e. adminphone : +27 21 6815700
4f. adminfax : +27 21 6855170
4g. adminemail :


Boundary Terraces
1 Mariendahl Road,
Newlands, 7700

Unclaimed benefits have an active Facebook page with over 6000 likes and from what we can see some very positive feedback. has a number of dissatisfied reports and from what I could see 1 positive report.

From our surface investigations, all three of these operations are legitimate with their biggest downfall being poor communication to some of their customers or potential customers.

The registration process to see if you have any unclaimed benefits is very quick and can be done in around 2-3 minutes.

If these companies are able to efficiently track down those elgible for unclaimed benefits then we applaud them for helping to distribute some of the RBillions that are sitting in unclaimed benefits where the beneficiaries have not been found.

Our advice: Register with them at and see what the outcome is. Please respond to this post with your experiences of dealing with and of these companies, ,

568 Responses to “Data Factory Unclaimed Benefits Claim Assistance”

  1. ismail says:

    Iwas imployed at sa bureau for 8 years and never collected my providen fund 6503235042089 cell 0840325301

  2. 073 434 7300 says:

    My father was working for Pinetown Engineering Fpundrry Company in Pinetown Durban. for 40yrs but we did not received the remaining portiom.

  3. Frank Richard Appenah says:

    HI I worked at Wayne Tyre Rubber company[ Vryheid Tyre Company for over 9 years .

    I was paid weekly and the company deducted for my pension. I am aware that Wayne Tyre rubber company has declared a surplus for their pension

  4. Masabata Elizabeth Modise says:

    Elizabeth Modise

    I worked at EAC GRAPHICS in early 1980 till 1990 and the company was took over by BAYERS SA, and would like to know how to claim for pensions/provident fund

  5. Siphiwo Aubrey Cilo says:

    Hi are peaple who worked for commercial banks also entitled to surplus pensioned funds ? I worked for Volskas Bank for 10 years 1976 to 1986 . This bank later amalgamated with other banks to establish ABSA Bank .


    I worked for Lifecare Special Services (now known as Life Esidimeni)from 1997 to 1999 and wish to check for funds owed to me , if any, e.g provident fund payouts.

  7. Ramasela Ngeno says:

    I made a claim with data factory for my husband who passed on since 2015 but I never received any further feedback,I only received an sms that says I will receive the funds within 6 months but never receive anything and they told me not contact them,they will contact me.

  8. Dineho Lehlakeng says:


  9. Dineho Lehlakeng says:

    I am still waiting for the claim forms.i was working at avbob as a consultant then data factory contacted me and said they will e-mail the claim forms so am still waiting.

  10. Willie says:

    I wad contacted by phone and told me i have unclaimed pension money of Alexander forbes i was told they are busy with the calculations of money i newer hearded anything again phoned num do not exist


    I have been promised that there is money due to me (Surplus funds)however one entity called Global Mindz could not explain to me where are the funds from. I also was contacted by Dalolttrading cc who told me they are updating forms but now I struggle to get the update of their progress. This inspite of me phoning and emailing. I want to believe these are operating legally and truthfully but I am starting to get frustrated. These entities are both in Eldorado. What can I do to get a better cooperation? Please somebody help me.

  12. Tina says:

    I wanted to check on my fathers provident fund from ok bazaar

  13. sellwane paulina maine says:

    I’m still waiting for a form to be filled and i just to know how long it will take before i found it

  14. sellwane paulina maine says:

    I just want to know how long it will take to find it.can someone help me

  15. Susan Mopeli says:


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