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Data Factory Unclaimed Benefits Claim Assistance

Data Factory Unclaimed Benefits Claim Assistance

We receive a number of emails and contacts from people who were contacted by either or asking us to assist with any unclaimed benefits claims.

This is what we know about Data Factory Unclaimed Benefits:

The Data Factory is a licensed Financial services provider with the FSB, license number 43846 which operates from the website

Unclaimed benefits is a website owned and operated by Data Factory operating at with an association to the bridge foundation.

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All Three websites ownership info have the same administrative contact

Contact for

The Bridge Foundation
Ground Floor, Slade House, Boundary Terraces,1 Mariendahl Lane, 7700
Administrative Contact

Contact for

4e. adminphone : +27 21 6815700
4f. adminfax : +27 21 6855170
4g. adminemail :


Boundary Terraces
1 Mariendahl Road,
Newlands, 7700

Unclaimed benefits have an active Facebook page with over 6000 likes and from what we can see some very positive feedback. has a number of dissatisfied reports and from what I could see 1 positive report.

From our surface investigations, all three of these operations are legitimate with their biggest downfall being poor communication to some of their customers or potential customers.

The registration process to see if you have any unclaimed benefits is very quick and can be done in around 2-3 minutes.

If these companies are able to efficiently track down those elgible for unclaimed benefits then we applaud them for helping to distribute some of the RBillions that are sitting in unclaimed benefits where the beneficiaries have not been found.

Our advice: Register with them at and see what the outcome is. Please respond to this post with your experiences of dealing with and of these companies, ,

568 Responses to “Data Factory Unclaimed Benefits Claim Assistance”

  1. Lucille Isaacs says:

    My mom and sister worked for Incolabs ( innoxa). So people got surplus last year when my mom and sister enquired they where informed that there was nothing.
    Mom: Margaret Eagle
    Sister: Belinda Avril Eagle

    • sarah hlabane says:

      Hi my name is sarah i worked at liebernan comunication it was liqwidated1999 but we did not get our servise money please check for me
      Thank you


    Hi. Please help. My name is Rivek Naraindas. I was working for a company for 7 years in the motor industry. I have left there on the 28 feb 2018. Please check if there is anything for me. Also I did not go on any leave or been given any leave pay for those 7 years. The owner refused to give me any leave or leave pay. And I was registered to the motor industry called mibco. I’d no 9009015121082.

  3. Elmarie Coy says:

    This company employs people who has no idea what surplus pension fund even means . They never return your calls and can only send you the “necessary forms” in 2-3 days time – why?

  4. Katlego Manyobe says:

    How long does it takes to pays up the UIF from you The Data Factory

  5. Edith naidoo says:


  6. Alfred william hartnick says:

    My mom ask me to enquire about her husbands outstanding funds

  7. Musa says:

    I have Just sent my claim, Hopefully I willwin.

  8. Hey,my father worked for Iscor Comapany currently named acclerormittal in Pretoria for nearly 35 years and retired in 2009(ID No 281111 5112 086)Phape Freeman Mphahlele,i just want you to check for me any unclaimed benefits for him.

  9. Hi my sister in law was nurse and my brother was working at general hospital I need to check the unclaimed benefits .The ID brother is 5606015481087 Fans Samuel Nkomo .The wife is Isabel Bongekile Nkomo ID 5304290781088

  10. Josephine Nkomo says:

    Please check the claims of my brother and his wife The ID no. is Brother 5606015481087 and wife is 5304290781088.The unclaimed benefits

  11. Klara Blaauw says:

    Hi,could anyone help me on how to claim my mother’s Unclaimed Benefit Pension Fund and Surplus Benefits it’s under the Toyota South Africa Pension Fund at NMG Benefits(pty)ltd,her name is Klara.Blaauw and her ID number is 581031 0199 08 5.Please contact me on 0786944481.

  12. Mallory Blaauw says:

    Can the Beneficary of the member of the Pension Fund use his/hers personal details to claim Unclaimed Benefits and Unpaid Surplus Monies?please contact Mallory.Blaauw on 0786944481.

  13. Mallory Blaauw says:

    My mother worked at Hella SA (pty) Ltd for 10 years and never received any payout for her services at her previous employer,Her fund administrator is NMG Benefits and her fund name is Toyota South Africa Pension Fund but has moved to an Unclaimed Benefits Fund please help anyone.

  14. Hilton says:

    Hi my name is Hilton Charles George id# 781214 5123 08 0
    i would like to know if there is any unclaimed funds for me and my late parents

    Annie George
    id# 550702 0052 08 9

    Isak George
    id# 551028 5128 08 1

    if there is any funds availible can you please drop me an email
    tel# 074 425 2127

    kind regards
    hilton george

  15. Thozama says:

    I have been submitted my form February 2018 till now I want to know what happened they told me that the process takes 6 ,month

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