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Unclaimed pension fund benefit search

Unclaimed pension fund benefit search

Unclaimed pension fund benefits amount to a whole lot of money which is sitting in the coffers of the Insurance companies awaiting distribution and you could be one of the lucky ones who is able to collect.

If you or anyone in your family has been with a few different companies over the years and contributions to a pension or retirement fund were made, it is well worth using the FSB’s unclaimed benefit search to see if any benefits are owing.

The worrying thing about the fact that there are R millions of unclaimed benefits is that it appears very little effort is going into attempting to find these beneficiaries or the beneficiaries of their estates.

In most cases, the owner of the benefit has died and the company does not know how or where to contact the family members. The families of these policy owners are legally entitled to this money.

The search of the unclaimed pension benefits database is a simple search which can either be dione by fund name or by beneficiary name. I suggest that use the simplest form of the unclaimed benefit search by simply entering the surname and scrolling through the list as the Initial convention used in the database is not uniform, some are displayed as G.C or G.C. or GC, you get the idea.

Search the FSB’s Unclaimed pension benefits database.

If you do find unclaimed pension benefits from any fund, the search results will display the fund name, the contact details(in most cases) and the person to contact.

If the pension benefits show a company that you are not aware of familiar with, give them a call anyway, you never know, there may be a significant amount of money that you or the family are legally entitled to in the form of unclaimed pension benefits.

136 Responses to “Unclaimed pension fund benefit search”

  1. R.J.W de Beer says:

    My late husband work from 1966 to 1993 for SAS & Harbour then over to And went off on Metro rail. Csn you please see if everything was paying out

  2. P.S de Beer ( wife) says:

    My late husband was working ftom 1965 at SAS & HARBOUR snd then wentover to Metro Rail. ID no 4905145152084 can you please see if there is anthing still outstandinggc

  3. Keith Southgate says:

    I was previously employed by LOG-TEK from October 1990 and then transferred to LOG-TEK Engineering Solutions and then to Sigmalog which became Sigma Logistic Solutions. Could you investigate as to the possibility that i have funds in the LOG-TEK Retirement Fund 2330 and or in the LOG-TEK pension fund (ID. NO. 5909165141083 and employer No. 789.

  4. Shireen Jacobs says:

    My mom worked for the Department Education from 1985 till 2014. June month 2014 she resigned i just want to know if there’s any money left somewhere. She died 2016. Her idnr 601214011785.

  5. Search for unclaimed fund

  6. My late father ID No:2612255358087 had worked for Putco Bus Company, Mission Health Foods, Tedro Medicinal and I forgot the last Company he worked for when he passed away in year 1999,he never claimed anything so my mother would like to know if there is money she can claimed.

  7. Between 1982 and 1998 I worked for the Building Industrial council tel my I’d is 5603w55785087 help me with a surplus.I am on 0767395165.

  8. Hlayiseka Caswell Chauke says:

    Good day

    My name is Chauke Hlayiseka Caswell. I have an issue about my grandfather’s benefits with South African railway. He worked there for many years up until he died. I strongly believe that the money is unclaimed and I want to know how do I go about claiming it. I have a mother of which my grandfather is the father to her and she always talks about it. He used to work at Railway in Pretoria (SA). Please advise on how to claim it. I have his ID and death certificate. Have a nice day

  9. Nozipho Madlala says:

    Hi. Iam Nozipho Madlala I worked for the company G4S Securicor from January 2000 to October 2008 and worked for Woolworths November 2009 to July 2014 my ID number is 7505251207081 can you please check for me if there is anything outstanding. Thank you.

  10. Caroline Smith says:

    My late husband working for Transnet where he died when receiving his monthly payment. Since there were outstanding money.

  11. Sphiwe says:

    Hi my father worked for Telkom years ago but never given any money for retirement. Please help

  12. Ben says:


  13. Kelvin fereira says:

    Was working at railway on elsies rivier station did not collect my pension money

  14. Daniel Mtahane says:

    I worked at nouwens carpets from 2001 until 2007. I want u to help me to check if I still have unclaimed fund. my id is 7904045903081. my tel is +27737962132

  15. Wendall Stoffels says:

    My late father worked for Spoornet for all of life, I think more than 25 years and past away on 27 October 1996. My mom then received a pension which was very little and she still had to do some dressmaking jobs to provide for us. After my mom past on the pension stopped and she even had more than R200,000 left in the medical saving account. We never followed up on this as my sister and I were told that only the two of us names were on the beneficiary list to get money should my mom past on. We never followed up on this, but my sister always told me that she and my mom went to the paul sauer building in Cape Town where my mom signed papers to make us the beneficiaries should she pass on. After years of no joy my sister passed on in 2016 and I still feel that I need to close this chapter and must find out if there is any unclaimed funds that should have been paid out to us. My sister left 4 children behind and I feel that should there be any money it could really help in getting them a proper education and improve their lives.

    The lady at the Paul Sauer Building told me last week that because of the old apartheid pension there is nothing because it falls away once the wife/mother dies.

    My dads name was: Johannes Stoffels
    Employee number : BCZ 571 F
    Depot : Bellville
    Company : Spoornet/Transnet

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