This will give you a very good idea of how you are saving for retirement and the annual amount that you will get from your current retirement annuities. When using the retirement calculator assume a conservative rate of growth and calculate worst case scenarios for lack of a better term.

Once you have used the retirement annuity calculator make an honest assessment of your needs at retirement age in order to establish if you are saving sufficiently for your retirement. Retirement savings require regular appraisal to see that they are performing well enough to ensure that your retirement is well catered for and using the retirement calculator will in all likelihood give you a shock by showing you that you are not saving enough for your retirement.

Take steps to ensure that your retirement savings will carry you through a comfortable retirement. You have worked for so many years of your life and you deserve to retire comfortably. By making additional annuity investments now, you will be able to see from the calculator what is required to give you the retirement funds you will need.

If nothing else, use the retirement calculator to establish what you need to do to bolster your retirement savings and give yourself something to work towards. You may need to add additional retirement annuities to your retirement planning. To see what the capital amounts needed today and at your retirement age, use the retirement calculator that calculates how much cash you will need to retire comfortably.