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Retirement annuity payout calculator


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Use the simple retirement annuity payout calculator to calculate the annual payout of your retirement annuity on your retirement and always remember to keep an eye on the Gold Price

This will give you a very good idea of how you are saving for retirement and the annual amount that you will get from your current retirement annuities. When using the retirement calculator assume a conservative rate of growth and calculate worst case scenarios for lack of a better term.

Once you have used the retirement annuity calculator make an honest assessment of your needs at retirement age in order to establish if you are saving sufficiently for your retirement. Retirement savings require regular appraisal to see that they are performing well enough to ensure that your retirement is well catered for and using the retirement calculator will in all likelihood give you a shock by showing you that you are not saving enough for your retirement.

Take steps to ensure that your retirement savings will carry you through a comfortable retirement. You have worked for so many years of your life and you deserve to retire comfortably. By making additional annuity investments now, you will be able to see from the calculator what is required to give you the retirement funds you will need.

If nothing else, use the retirement calculator to establish what you need to do to bolster your retirement savings and give yourself something to work towards. You may need to add additional retirement annuities to your retirement planning. To see what the capital amounts needed today and at your retirement age, use the retirement calculator that calculates how much cash you will need to retire comfortably.

20 Responses to “Retirement annuity payout calculator”

  1. Moeti Jackson Letshoenyo says:

    I would like to know it is wise to take early pension for example im sixty and my pension is 63

  2. THINUS says:

    I have 33 years pension with the Tshwane Municipal Pension Fund and plan to retire in 2 years time. I see on your website that the mentioned fund is currently the “smallest” pension fund managed by your company —- should I be worried ?? will I ever see my pension ??

    • admin says:

      Hi Thinus, please use the search box in the ble strip to search for “Tshwane Municipal Pension Fund” which will give you the administrators name and contact info. I am not sure where you see “smallest” but your fund is managed by an accredited and very large administrator.

  3. Philip says:

    This would be FAR more useful if the payouts also increased at the estimated growth rate: it is unrealistic to plan a retirement of 20+ years without considering how inflation will eat away at the value of your monthly drawing. This kind of report can only create a false sense of security for people who cannot do these calculations on their own.

    • admin says:

      Hi Philip The calculator is only meant to give an idea and not intended for any solid financial planning which should be reviewed on a regular basis. Annually with a financial planner preferably

  4. Thando Twala says:

    i am ThandoTwala i would like to update my personal details. my physical adress ***********removed ***************. yourcorporation is appreciated.

    • admin says:

      Hi, please use the search box to search for your fund name which will give you the administrators details. You need to update your address directly with the administrators

  5. dorah says:

    hi i’ve resigned as a teacher in 2002 and got R185000 and got employed again in 2005 resigned 2014 dec I would like to know if it is possible that I can get a recalculation of my pension because I feel I was not given all my monies in 2002 and 2014 please advice me

  6. Conference Elavil douglas says:

    I recently last week on the 30th of June 2015,regarding my unclaimed fund from data factory,and now I want to know how long does it takes to received the money,to be in my account,and how much was deducted since 2010 until now.Kindly,will you assist me please,I will appreciate it in advance.

  7. Donnadene Eleavia Douglas says:

    I did send my unclaimed forms back to the data factory,and how long does it takes to received your money.Just wanted to know.Thank you,I will appreciate it if I will get a response back please.

  8. Deon says:

    I have 8M to invest in RA am 58 and want to retire however the tax calculator gives bigger no’s then the quotes I have obtained from Sanlam so I question the calculator .
    Why can we not by a Pension direct from Foord or any financial fund the admin costs are so high I was quoted 84k a year the FA are plundering our pension funds

  9. good evening adm i would like to book an apointment with you anytime when you are free alert me , same email or call 0784738051

  10. brenda says:

    I worked for tsafrika catering solutions I got sick and was discharge I never got my provident fund

    • admin says:

      Hi, please look at your payslip or contact the company for the name of the fund that you contributed to as we cannot find a tsafrica fund.

  11. Riaan says:

    good day.

    I would like to inquire if i have any fund still available with you.
    How would I go about doing that?

  12. Sipho says:

    What is the provident fund for the cleaner employee(each)according to the government gazette in gauteng

  13. Nondumiso P Nzuza says:

    What is provident fund for the cleaner who worked 5 years

    • admin says:

      This would vary according to the contribution level of you and your employer. If you have a provident fund deduction on your pay slip it probably says which fund it is. Search for the fund name on and contact the administrators directly.

  14. Andre Goeda says:

    What happened to the provident fund of willard battries 0813433766

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