Here is a complete list of Ombudsman in South Africa which will help with anything from Banking and pension payment issues to banking, sectional title, credit and even vehicle related issues.  When to contact the Ombudsman. (below are a few examples)

What is an OImbudsman? An Ombudsman is an independent, impartial person with authority and responsibility to receive, investigate or informally address complaints.

A. If you are dissatisfied with the service or explanations you have been given to your queries and are sure that someone is not being entirely honest with you.

B. If the claimed amount or the policy amount differ substantially from your payout and you do not understand the fees/disbursements or other charges on the statement.

C. If you have used all of the internal processes to attempt to resolve your complaint/query and are still dissatisfied or it still remains unresolved.

  1. With banking problems: the Ombudsman for Banking Services is Reena Steyn.


  1. With COMMUNITY SCHEME-RELATED problems: The Community Schemes Ombud Service is a statutory dispute-resolution service for owners and residents of community schemes, including sectional title schemes, share block companies, homeowners’ associations and schemes for retired persons. The chief ombuds are Advocate Seeing Letele.


  1. With CONSUMER-RELATED problems: The National Consumer Commissioner is Ebrahim Mohamed.
  1. The Consumer Goods and Services Ombud Is Advocate Neville Melville. This is a Voluntary dispute-resolution scheme that has jurisdiction only over retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers that have agreed to subscribe to the consumer goods and services industry Code of Conduct.
  1. With Credit Transaction problems: the credit Ombud is Nicky-Lala-Mohan.
  • MaxiCall: 0861 662 837
  • Telephone: 077 781 6431
  • Fax: 086 674 7414
  • Post: PO box 805, Pinegowrie, 2123
  • Email:
  • Website:


  1. With Debit Counselling problems: The national credit regulator also deals with disputes that are not resolved by the credit ombud. The chief executive officer is Nomsa Motshegare.
  1. With Financial advice problems: the ombud for Financial Services Providers is Noluntu Bam.
  1. With Investment problems, The financial Service Conduct Authority (FSCA) Formerly FSB which regulates the financial services industry. Commissioner: Ms. Katherine Lee Gibson
  1. With Life Assurance problems: The ombudsman for Long-term insurance is Judge Ron Mclaren.
    1. With Medical Scheme problems; The Council For Medical Schemes is a Statutory body that supervises medical schemes. The acting registrar of Medical Schemes is Dr Sipho Kabane.
    1. With Motor Vehicle problems: The Motor Industry Ombudsman is an independent institution that resolves disputes between the motor and related industries and their customers. The ombudsman is Johan van Vreden.
    1. With Retirement Fund problems: The Pension Funds Adjudicator Is Muvhango Lukhaimane.
    1. With Short-Term Insurance problems: The Ombudsman For Short-term Insurance is Advocate Deanne Wood.
    1. With Tax Problems: The Tax Ombud is Judge Bernard The Tax Ombud Can help you to resolve administrative and procedural problems with the South African Revenue Service.
    1. Whistelblowing and anti corruption
    1. Government anti corruption
    1. South African Council for Educators – For students and educators regarding any type of abuse or complaint in the education sector