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List of Ombudsman in South Africa that can help with any complaints you may have

List of Ombudsman in South Africa that can help with any complaints you may have

Here is a complete list of Ombudsman in South Africa which will help with anything from Banking and pension payment issues to banking, sectional title, credit and even vehicle related issues.  When to contact the Ombudsman. (below are a few examples)

What is an OImbudsman? An Ombudsman is an independent, impartial person with authority and responsibility to receive, investigate or informally address complaints.

A. If you are dissatisfied with the service or explanations you have been given to your queries and are sure that someone is not being entirely honest with you.

B. If the claimed amount or the policy amount differ substantially from your payout and you do not understand the fees/disbursements or other charges on the statement.

C. If you have used all of the internal processes to attempt to resolve your complaint/query and are still dissatisfied or it still remains unresolved.


  1. With banking problems: the Ombudsman for Banking Services is Reena Steyn.


  1. With COMMUNITY SCHEME-RELATED problems: The Community Schemes Ombud Service is a statutory dispute-resolution service for owners and residents of community schemes, including sectional title schemes, share block companies, homeowners’ associations and schemes for retired persons. The chief ombuds are Advocate Seeing Letele.


  1. With CONSUMER-RELATED problems: The National Consumer Commissioner is Ebrahim Mohamed.


  1. The Consumer Goods and Services Ombud Is Advocate Neville Melville. This is a Voluntary dispute-resolution scheme that has jurisdiction only over retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers that have agreed to subscribe to the consumer goods and services industry Code of Conduct.
  1. With Credit Transaction problems: the credit Ombud is Nicky-Lala-Mohan.
  • MaxiCall: 0861 662 837
  • Telephone: 077 781 6431
  • Fax: 086 674 7414
  • Post: PO box 805, Pinegowrie, 2123
  • Email:
  • Website:


  1. With Debit Counselling problems: The national credit regulator also deals with disputes that are not resolved by the credit ombud. The chief executive officer is Nomsa Motshegare.


  1. With Fiduciary problems: The Fiduciary Institute of Southern Africa (FISA) is a self-regulating body in fiduciary matters, such as wills, trusts, and estate planning. The chairperson of Fisa’s governing council is Ronel Williams.
  • Telephone: 082 449 2569
  • Post: PO box 67027, Bryanston, 2021
  • Email:
  • Website:


  1. With Financial advice problems: the ombud for Financial Services Providers is Noluntu Bam.


  1. With Investment problems, The financial Service Board, which is headed by Dube Tshidi, regulates the financial services industry.
  1. With Life Assurance problems: The ombudsman for Long-term insurance is Judge Ron Mclaren.
  1. With Medical Scheme problems; The Council For Medical Schemes is a Statutory body that supervises medical schemes. The acting registrar of Medical Schemes is Dr Sipho Kabane.
  1. With Motor Vehicle problems: The Motor Industry Ombudsman is an independent institution that resolves disputes between the motor and related industries and their customers. The ombudsman is Johan van Vreden.
  1. With Retirement Fund problems: The Pension Funds Adjudicator Is Muvhango Lukhaimane.


  1. With Short-Term Insurance problems: The Ombudsman For Short-term Insurance is Advocate Deanne Wood.


  1. With Tax Problems: The Tax Ombud is Judge Bernard The Tax Ombud Can help you to resolve administrative and procedural problems with the South African Revenue Service.

28 Responses to “List of Ombudsman in South Africa that can help with any complaints you may have”


    I request to be assisted with possible unpaid provident fund, pension funds for work during the late seventies and eightess. I workked in the former homelands of Ciskei and Kwazulu before joining the Lifecare Special Health Services currently known as Esidimeni.
    My contact number is 0732089001
    ID NUMBER 5202015809087 (Previously 5411189)
    Date of birth 1952/02/01

    • mapaseka says:

      May you please assist me. I worked for the department of education for 13 years and resigned. Before my resignation I enquired about my monies at GEPF offices. To my surprise after my resignation the money was less than what I was expecting according to my enquiries. I am not satisfied about the explanation that I got, infect,i don’t understand what they(GEPF) are trying to explain. May yo please help me with this? My number is 0633658468.

      Kind regards

      Mapaseka Jwaxa

  2. Mr C J G D O FRAGA says:

    I worked in Engineering since I left school in 1986.
    I have one provident fund BEnifit claim not being paid out since August 2017.All the documents have been sent and received.

    I have a Surplus BEnifit Claim, going back to March 2017..Still ongoing, with no progress or payment Urgency on MIBFA Administrators.
    I have received my Benifite Statement..Sobi know what is due to me!All the documents s requested have been sent on numerous occasions, two bank mandates, various copies of I’d documents.

  3. Good day may you please assist me i have a problem with my previous employer which is (Bayport) I resigned from the company in 2014 and since then i have been having problems with withdrawing my savings on my account, I went to my bank to query about my situation they told me that i need to go back to Bayport to unblock my bank account as they do not have the access to do so ,i then called the company Bayport to get an assistance from the information that i got from the bank several times and they always refere me to forenssic department and i will hold on the call till the airtime got finished i even went to one of their branches in Maponya Mall and they refered me to their head office i went there on the 04/04/2018 to get help there was a guy who assisted me (THABO )I forgot his surname and he told me that Bayport has listed me as an unfaithful employee which i dont know anything about and they did not even called me to advise me of such information till today….may you please assist number is 0766027210 thank you.
    Kgomotso Bosiu.

  4. Hi I would like to know what I should do as I was fired at Ancron Life Hosp 2014 March and did not receive my compensation for march and my pension funds

  5. Susan Visser says:

    I invested my pension through a broker with a financial house and bank – I have lost R236 000.00 in one year – being the first year – I have received statements and have gone through them as best I can as a layman. I have sent my queries to the broker who is not coming back to me with any answers – I have also noticed amounts which have come off for financial advisor fees not sure what to do next – the name of this pension is ‘living annuity’ – do you think you can look at this for me.

  6. Susan Visser says:


  7. Samson says:

    Good day,
    I request to be assisted on my previous account with MTN SA. I purchased a contract phone back in 2013 and 2014 I terminated contract as a result of loss of earnings at work. I did arrangements with the MTN to settle whole amount. I was paying 910 by then for the period of contract amount. I paid it up and later in May 2016 MTN ordered their account collection section to sermon me to pay outstanding amount which appears on ITc. I did paid that amount. Last year I received another email from Hammond Pole Attorneys also instructing to pay same amount I paid to Saya recoveries which by then collected on behalf of MTN.
    I disputed amount and request that they give me breakdown, when I compare it with the first I received from Saya it does not make sense. To avoid bad debts I continued to pay the installment. At the middle of my payments I received paid up letter through email from SAYA recoveries to confirm that account was paid in full. Hammond Pole Attorneys declined the letter and continue to send me email that my account is outstanding. In March this year they sent me an outstanding amount of R1310. 00 which is due I made arrangements to pay it in two months. I paid March and April because arrangements was for two months to clear the outstanding. I paid full equally installment to settle 1310 which was due.
    I sent them email to request paid up letter to avoid similar situations in future
    Hammond Pole Attorneys decline my request instead send me a new balance which I must explain when am I settling it. They want me to pay an amount of 817.04.
    I don’t have that money, and I feel so harassed as a customer. All my communication correspondence I sent to MTN together with proof of payment, MTN did not say anything.
    I feel so unfairly treated and threatened with ITc blacklist.
    As a customer I deserve to know and understand why am I paying any debts.
    Please help me as this people are misusing their power as Lawyers or debts collectors. I cannot be punished like this.

  8. L Carstens says:

    I have a problem with a vacation marketing group “VHI ” Vacation Hub International that had me sign a agreement that I was not happy with . When I wanted to cancel the agreement you could not get hold of the company untill a 5 day cooling period has lapsed. Then I was told that I am now in a fixed contract and i cannot cancell.

  9. Wilna van der Berg says:

    I need advise in the matter that the Government Pension Fund did not make an effort to start paying my late husbands pension fund to me. This is ‘n now ongoing for one year. They have lots of excuses, and I had to complete the same forms for a third time.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  10. I was dismissed in June 2016,I then challenged my dismissal through arbitration,I was awarded compensation by the commissioner.I was to be paid 3 months salary on or before 31 August 2017,the payment was not effected and according to the award it attract interests.I waited to find out if the employer has filled for recession or Labour court,after realising that no papers were served to me I instituted enforcement through Disupute Resolution commission on October 2017,DRC confirmed receiving documentation.The Labour relations act dictates that the enforcement is treated as labour court order,the DRC must assist me as unemployed to get the sheriff to serve the employer and follow the writ of execution if the needy arises,I have been doing follow up telephonically but in vain.I followed up with another enforcement January 2018 and as usual follow up but again in vain.I then escalated the matter to labour department nationally and provincially at Polokwane,labour court nationally,public protector,Ccma Polokwane and the presidency but all of them have ignored my emails and my only affordable means of communication but no one ever bothered to respond.How can you assist me?

  11. Sikhumbuzo Netnou says:

    I need assistance on how my sister in law can claim her deseased father’s UIF. He passed on in 2013 and she submitted a claim in 2014. She was then told at department of labour to submit an unabridged certificate. She went to department of home affairs in the same year and applied for unabridged certificate. To date she never received her unabridged certificate from home affairs. It’s been roughly four years since she applied for it.

  12. Good day sir/ madam

    My name is Deon Niewenhuis i used to work for this company Indico risk services as a security officer,the company started to deduct provident fund from my salary from October 2017 up until January 2018, that is when i resigned from the company. My problem is before i claimed my provident fund there was already an amount of R2000 that i didnt claim. The amounts that was deducted from my salary was in the region of R401 and even the companies contrubution was the same. Beginning of March i send through my claim forms,13 weeks later i was only paid an amount of R1953 out of a possible amount of +-R5200. Now i dont know if the company that i worked for paid in all the contributions that was deducted,i still have the payslips that shows these deductions. You help and assistance in this regard is highly appreciated. Can you please contect me on this number 0616779347.
    Kind Regards


  13. Ingrid Loock cel 0823746466 says:

    My mother aplied for SASSA benefits in JUNE 2016. She stayed with her brother in the Netherlands for about 5 years and re aplied. She was made a U4 case. Why? We don’t know. We,ve been to visit Mossel Bay Office many times and now its with thhe George Office who in return keeps saying its now in Cape town with a mr Muller. She is 85 years old. We dont get replies on emails and mr November in George keeps telling us there is still no progress. Please hel us find out what or who is taking so long. She has no income and stays with me

  14. Yoelene says:

    Telkom closed my no. Without explaining. I’m calling almost Evy day. But the consultants are so unfriendly and not helping where can I go for help?

  15. Kgosiemang S.E Machogo says:

    I have applied for a certificate Candidate Construction Project Manager (November 2017), with SACPCMP. After a long wait, hustle and confrontations with the SACPCMP office (Sbonile Phewa and Jimmy Modise), my application was reject, because they say I did not meet the requirements. I have a BTech Project Management from the Central University of Technology, coupled with 1 year and 4 months of project administration experience in the construction industry working in multiple projects. Also I have a National Diploma Chemical Engineering plus 6 years work experience as a brewing technician. I paid the the application fee. I learned that there are provisions that can be made for people who do not have formal qualifications for them to be developed in this field. I have a Project Management qualification and experience in the field. Should I not be advised of the provisions that are there for my development? In March 2018, I sent my application back for review as Project Management is equivalent to the Construction Management qualification that they require. But I do not get response from the office. The SACPCMP office does not answer phone calls, does not reply to emails. The website is restrictive of personnel contacts, customer service/complaints department (if there is any), information. I, therefore, ask the ombudsman to help me get a fair review of my SACPCMP application. I SAY “FAIR” REVIEW BECAUSE I AM UNDER THE IMPRESSION THAT IF ONE CONFRONTS THE OFFICE, THEIR APPLICATION GETS REJECTED. My phone number is 0792954201

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