Pension fund member complaints up significantly

The pension fund adjudicator has seen an increase of more than 10 000 cases year on year or a massive 38%. The great news for those of you who are skeptical about how your complaint will be handled will be extremely happy to note that 83% of the complaints were ruled...

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Retirement – Pension fund advice

At retirement, if you have worked in a corporate company, you will be part of the companies group pension fund or other retirement saving mechanism. The employee, as well as the employer make a contribution to the pension fund for the benefit of the employee subject...

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Have something to retire to!

So many people retire a long time before they have imparted that wealth of knowledge on to someone who can really benefit from that knowledge and as part of your retirement plan, you should consider mentoring or helping someone who is driven and you can assist to get...

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How is a pension or retirement benefit split in a divorce?

The maintenance act in South Africa makes allowance for a retirement benefit to be split in a divorce. There are only 3 Acts which make it possible for a court to rule on the division of a pension benefit, the Maintenance Act, the income tax act and pension funds act,...

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Can I borrow money from my pension fund?

We are often asked if a fund member can borrow from the fund that they contribute to or use the fund as security against a loan from a financial institution. You cannot use your fund as security under any circumstances. This is specifically laid out in the Pension...

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