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The retirement funding Industry is changing all the time with new products aimed at maximising returns with the least amount of risk. The SA Government is very focussed on reducing risk and guaranteeing retirement funds return by regulating the industry and offering tax benefits to those who aspire to self fund their retirement and not rely on the Government to look after them in the latter years of life.

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We have a panel of qualified professionals who are both linked to investment houses as well as agnostic professionals who are able to advise on any company or fund.

Whether it is the placement of large single amount in a low risk fund where monthly income is drawn down on, or a high risk investment for an early retirement saver, we have a professional to advise on any circumstance.

Investing can seem a bit like the lottery or in the 2014 to 2018 yearsa bit like keeping it under your bed, but the advisors will tell you that the only way to invest for retirement it is to it methodically for the long term. Ignore short term fluctuations, staying invested is the best advise you can get. Almost all funds, the world over, return well above inflation in the longer term and it is those that start investing for returns at a young age  that will benefit most.

Have a chat to one of our professional advisers and get thye latest information on the economy, the investment industry and what is expected in the next 1, 5 and ten year cycles.

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