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PSG Asset Management Life Limited

PSG Asset Management Life Limited formerly PSG FutureWealth Limited

Physical Address: 1st Floor, 28 Fricker Road, Illovo

Postal Address: PO Box 41259, Craighall, 2024

Tel: 0861 0 PSG FW 0861 077 439
Toll Free: 0800 117 180

Fund number / Fund name

37189 PSG Asset Management Preservation Pension Fund;

37187 PSG Asset Management Preservation Provident Fund;

23601 PSG Asset Management Retirement Annuity Fund;

37398 PSG FutureWealth Pension Fund;

37399 PSG FutureWealth Provident Fund;

35805 PSG FutureWealth Preservation Pension Fund Number 2;

35806 PSG FutureWealth Preservation Provident Fund Number 2.