Pension funds and retirement planning

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Is your retirement plan going to afford you the lifestyle you deserve?

Long term financial planning for your retirement should start as early as possible with a combination of asset and income investments that will ensure your financial freedom into your golden years after retirement. A sound retirement plan needs to be assessed on a regular basis as your financial position changes over the years to stay in line with your desired lifestyle.

Company pension plans and retirement schemes often need to be supplemented with a combination of financial products like retirement annuities, fixed income investments and provident funds. It is important to establish a long term relationship with your financial advisor to establish a flexible retirement plan to grow and change as your circumstances change. Possibly the most important consideration when selecting your financial planner, as in any long term relationship is to trust that person and the company he represents.

Retirement planner

There are three different pension and retirement planning policies available to South Africans or those living and working in South Africa. Use the retirement Planner to determine the best retirement options to suit your lifestyle and desires for your retirement.

Pension funds: Pension funds are company funds in which both the employer and employee contribute to the fund. All pension funds have rules that are specific to that fund, Read more >>

Provident funds: Provident funds are very similar to pension funds, but are a lot more flexible with different tax implications. Provident funds are particularly suited to contract workers, Read more >>

Retirement Annuities: Retirement Annuities are personally funded retirement planning vehicles for self employed individuals or those wishing to supplement their existing retirement planning investments, Read more >>

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