The goal of retirement planning and a good retirement planner is to help you accumulate a sufficiently large amount of capital and investments to support you through the balance of your life in the lifestyle you are accustomed to.

In order to achieve this, a retirement planner will need to understand your needs and wants in your latter years, have a thorough understanding of your current financial position and devise a plan to achieve your goal. An experience financial planner needs to use tools that to some extent predict the future which is of course not an exact science but with the development of scenario tools, good financial and retirement planners are able to make predictions, based on solid historical data and a financial portfolio spread of low and higher risk investment vehicles to determine with reasonable accuracy, what you will be required to invest and save in order to live the life you deserve in your golden years.

Regular assessments of your investment portfolio are necessary and your retirement planner will evaluate the performance of his suggested financial strategy on a regular basis. The need may arise where supplemental investments or a portfolio change is necessary in order to meet your financial goals and for this reason it is vitally important to have a good relationship with your retirement planner.

The world is becoming increasingly global and new investment products by well known and respected financial institutions are constantly becoming available to financial planners to increase the value of portfolios. Be sure that the financial planner you select has a similar attitude towards risk as yourself and that the products he suggests sit comfortably with you.

This is your future your financial planner is is dealing with, do not select your retirement planner merely on a short run of good performance, select a retirement planner who is able to show consistently good returns on his portfolios over a long period of time that are within your acceptable growth expectations.