Clientele Life
Affordable & convenient Hospital Insurance Plans

Hospital plans from Clientele life offer health insurance plans that provide from R3000 to R5000 per day while you are hospitalized. The hospitalization plan is not a medical aid but a health insurance product designed to pay for your stay in hospital while you are at your most vulnerable financially.

A comprehensive health plan would include a medical aid and a hospital plan to ensure that you are not burdened by unexpected medical expenses while hospitalized. The hospital plan health plan pays out a daily lump sum directly to you, not only to cover medical expenses but to do with as you wish.

If, for example your medical aid covers all of the costs of you stay in hospital and you leave hospital after 5 days, the hospital plan will pay out the full 5 days you are covered for.

For people who are in their own businesses a hospital plan is vital insurance that will take care of your family and pay the hospital bills while you are recovering.

Every insurance portfolio should have a medical insurance aspect but more specifically a hospital plan that will allow you to recover from any serious illness or accident that prevents you from working. Hospital stays are very expensive and depending on the treatment required could leave you not only physically unable to work but you could suffer the crushing blows from hospitalization costs as well.

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