Early retirement is not for everyone, even if you have more money than you can spend in 2 lifetimes, have taken a huge lump sum annuity but for those who plan to retire early and have a clear goal of what they would like to do, where they would like to go and something to keep them busy in retirement, that is another kettle of fish altogether.

So many people that take early retirement leave their jobs or sell their businesses with the idea that they can do whatever they like, but having worked so hard to get to early retirement, actually have no idea what it is that they want to do or more importantly, makes them happy. Have you spent your entire working life looking forward to early retirement? Be sure you know what it is that is going to keep you stimulated and energised or you will simply fall into the ranks of so many grumpy older men with too much time on their hands that stroll around shopping centres, sit in coffee shops and generally drive their kids, wives and friends crazy.

Early retirement means that all of your friends who you would have associated with are probably all still at work, your wife or partner are around all of the time and you are not accustomed to spending so much time in each others company and of course your golf club is having golf days in the middle of the day to which you are not invited. The last thing you want in your early retirement is to get divorced, what happens to your retirement benefits when you get divorced.

OK, I hear you say but I am going to travel and see all the places I never got a chance to see, go to gym, get a hobby or any number of activities you THINK you are going to enjoy in early retirement. That is great if you are absolutely sure that for the next thirty years or so there is enough to keep you busy and you are quite sure you know your partner well enough to be able to spend all this time together.

Now that you are almost put off early retirement, you can really enjoy yourself in early retirement if you takle up a cause. It has been proven time and again that human beings get their greatest joy from life by helping others. Perhaps you are an experienced and highly capable financial whizz, you could become part of an organization that helps startup businesses manage their finances. Perhaps you are an great tennis player, cricketer or rugby player, you could help underprivileged children learn the game. You get the idea, teaching and helping others gives you human contact, appreciation and who knows, you may just inspire the next business mogul or Springbok athlete.

You have skills and knowledge that people would welcome in their lives, give it freely and your early retirement will be fulfilling and rewarding.