It is vital for anyone with assets to have a last will and testament. The consequences of an invalid last will and testament mean that you will have died intestate, leaving the distribution of your assets in the hands of the courts and could leave your beneficiaries without financial assistances for a very long time. The last thing you want when you die is for someone else to decide who gets what!

Drafting a will is best done by your attorney, should be easy to read, ambiguity and be easy to execute. Your will should not only indicate your wishes for the division of your assets, but include how your money should be managed. This aspect is particularly important when an untimely death occurs and there are minor children as beneficiaries who will need an income to support them, pay for their education and provide the necessary services for them to become self sustaining adults.

As your investment portfolio changes, your family members change, be it additional family members or as a result of a death, review your will to ensure that the right beneficiaries are included.

Review who you have appointed as executor of your estate, people and circumstances change and it is important to review every aspect of your will. Adding a codicil to your will is a straight forward exercise, you can view a sample codicil to a will provided by freelegaldocs

When did you last read your will?
Do you know where your will is?

Get it out, read it and be sure that it is exactly as you intended it to be at the time of drafting. If not, do not procrastinate, call your attorney and make the changes to your will.