The last few weeks have seen the Gold price reaching record levels with it reaching an all time high yesterday. It has been said over and over that Gold is the safe haven investment in uncertain times and this is certainly coming to bear while the Middle East is erupting in violence.

Over both the medium and long term Gold coins or Gold bullion have proven to be excellent investments but what should you be paying for Bullion on the retail market and where can you buy coins?

Firstly, the SA Mint sells Gold Coins at the ruling Gold price which are all current dated coins. These coins are not rare gold coins which are easily bought and sold at current Gold prices.

SA Gold Coin exchange sells both current dated Gold coins as well as a variety of rare and unusual Gold coins. The difference being that rare Gold Coins like the Mandela Coin minted in 1994 is more a speculative investment coin which could increase very significantly in value.

First National bank sell Kruger Rands, as do the JHB Stock exchange. You need to become a registered buyer to buy coins from the JSE or FNB.

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The most popular Gold Coin around the world is the Kruger Rand and it is very important to know what you are buying. Are you buying a Kruger Rand that is priced above the current Gold Price because of it’s collectible value or simply as a bullion investment. A Good advisor will be able to show you what the best returns are for the money you wish to invest.

Retirement funding has become even more risk averse since the budget speech and hence returns are safer yet lower. Take the time to explore the Gold Coin market as a means of shoring up your retirement savings by completing the form and getting free investment advice by completing the form on the right.