SA Gold CoinInvesting in gold coins has proven to be an excellent investment with South Africa’s Kruger rand being amongst the most sought after gold coins in the world. Investing in rare gold coins like the Mandela/De Klerk Nobel Laureate coin has shown extraordinary returns but for the average investor, investing in Gold coins over a period of time has shown unprecedented growth. In times of market instability gold coins and bullion are the preferred investment of many investment advisors for the pure and simple reason that the growth in the demand and price of gold coins has been steady and above expectations.

The graph below indicates the ZAR price of Kruger Rands which almost trebled in 8 years. Gold coins as an investment strategy for retirement is an important consideration as they are as easy to liquidate as cash. There are over 55 million Kruger Rands in circulation with buyers ready to buy them 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

SA Gold CoinExtraordinary returns on rare gold coins like the Mandela Democracy gold coin were available at R4 500 in 2004 and are selling in excess of R40 000 as I write this. The Mandela/De Klerk Nobel laureate gold coin sold for R8 500 in 2006 and is currently bid at R28 000. What we can see from this is that investing in rare gold coins can be extremely lucrative, however for a steady, very low risk retirement investment that is liquid, Kruger Rands are an extremely safe investment with a long history of good growth. Mandela coins are set become speculatively extremely high return gold coin investments as Mr Mandela grows older.

Gold coin investments for retirement are ideal investments as you can acquire Gold coins throughout your working life, steadily building a gold coin investment portfolio that is easy to get started with,  does not require a very large sum of money and are investments that can be liquidated within minutes.

Investing in Gold coins can be done very easily through the SA Gold coin exchange, the most successful dealers in Gold coins around the world. You can start your Gold coin investment collection online at the SA Gold coin exchange.