As a retired person, reducing your overheads may not only be necessary but because your situation has changed you should take stock of all of your overheads or monthly payments and find out firstly, which ones you are able to get reduced purely because you are over 65 years old and secondly, because of situation changes. This should form part of your financial plan for your retirement! It is a retirement benefit.

Entertainment: As an over 65, you are eligible for the pensioners discount at cinemas. Go to movies twice a month and thats saving R130, that’s pretty good financial advice wouldn’t you say? So many people do not take advantage of this, be it for vanity reasons or simply that they do not ask for a discount based on their age. It is half price for pensioners so go get it.

Discount on Taste of Africa tours for pensioners is up to 45%.Perhaps you have never been on a tour of Soweto, take one it is a really fun day and you will have a fantastic experience.

Vacation: Sanparks offers anyone over 60 years of age the retirement benefit of a discount of up to 40% and if you are going in a group of over 60’s simply give them a call first or you won’t be eligible. Great financial advice again.

You will get a 20% retirement benefit discount on houseboat hire if you are a pensioner. This is a really fabulous way to enjoy a weekend or a few days, fully catered houseboats.

Your car insurance: You drive a whole lot less than when you were working and there are car insurance policies designed for those who travel less. It stands to reason, the less time you spend on the road, the less likely you are to be involved in an accident or have your car stolen or hijacked. Get a quote on your insurance from Hollard pay as you drive.

This list of pensioner discounts is a small collection of pensioner discounts available, remember to ask wherever you go, from Pick n Pay to Woolworths or car hire companies and airlines. There are pensioner discounts available in almost every store and at almost every service provider.

Getting a pensioners or seniors discount is as simple as asking, “Do you offer pensioners a discount?” before you pay for anything. A retirement benefit you never imagined in all of your retirement planning and financial structuring. Just be sure that you have your ID or drivers licence on you at all times to prove your age. It’s a funny reality but some offer discounts to anyone over 60 years of age and some to over 65 years of age.

Saving is as good an investment as any if not better, it offers a guaranteed return so get the discounts you are entitled to as someone who has worked and served the people and businesses of this country, you deserve every cent of these retirement benefit discounts available.