To ensure that your retirement income is sufficient for you to retire in comfort and without any financial worries it is essential to know how your retirement funding options are performing and get advice from professional Financial advisors in order to calculate your current position and how it aligns with your requirements when you reach retirement age.

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A Good retirement plan needs to be assessed from time to time to make sure you are on track with your retirement income projections and to assess whether or not the funds that you are invested in are performing well and that you are getting the maximum tax benefit allowable by the Revenue Services. Mr Gordhan has made a few changes to the way in which fund managers are allowed to invest funds for retirement and further regulated the retirement industry.

Like most budget speeches the current changes have a little give and take for everyone but one thing has been made very clear by Mr Gordhan, the financial services industry is under scrutiny for non compliance and that risk be lowered even further for retirement funds. We have written about the National pension plan which is increasingly taking larger and larger portions of the budget and there are moves to encourage lower income earners to become self supporting through retirement savings an an effort to reduce the number of people dependent on the National pension plan.

It is advisable to get advice on your pension savings plans, be they company pension funds, Annuities or any other investment that is designed to provide you with a retirement Income. Every year the changes to legislation as a result of the budget speech impact on retirement funds and hence your retirement income. Complete the form and we will give you the free advice you need to make decisions relating to your retirement.