For those of you who took advantage of the ability to have numerous retirement income streams from different annuities or pension funds managed by different companies in order to have each taxed with the applicable rebate, you need to be aware that your income will now be accumulated and you will be taxed on the total amount.

SITE tax is being phased out over the next two years and the effect of the tax could start effecting you as soon as next month. The previous system was in effect a loophole which allowed people with numerous annuities or pension funds to benefit from the rebate on each investment, effectively taking you out of the income tax loop as each investment was seen as an individual person.

This is sadly no longer the case with the Government seeking every possible opportunity to swell the coffers of the Revenue services and bring everyone into the tax net. We need not be too upset about this, those of you who structured your investments to take advantage of this have enjoyed a number of years of multiple rebate claims and there are always new and innovative ways to get the most out of your retirement Investments.

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