When economic hard times hit like they have in recent years, the very first things that many people allow to lapse are their Life Insurance policies and depending on the type of Life Insurance you had, either has a cash value or no cash value. It is important to understand the different types of Life Insurance and what they offer.

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Life Insurance for the over fifties is becoming cheaper as the Life expectancy of people increases which is great news, but being over fifty, with a longer life expectancy also puts your Retirement planning in the spotlight. If we assume that you have been planning for your retirement for around 20-30 years, you really need to know just how long the Life Insurance companies expect you to live, this you can also find out by requesting Life Insurance Quotes. The qualified consultants will give you free advice on over fifty life insurance and tell you how long you are expected to live.

You may also want to consider funeral insurance, an often overlooked insurance which makes sure that your family has enough money available to them immediately after your death to pay for the funeral or memorial service. We often don’t consider the cost of hiring a venue, providing food and transport, the cost of the head stone or plaque when evaluating our Life Insurance which often leaves families scrambling for cash to give you the send off you deserve.