Contrary to popular belief people over the age of 65 can still be covered for funeral expenses and in some cases, funeral insurance can still be taken out out on people up to the age of 75 years old.

The benefit of having a funeral insurance policy is to have cash instantly available to cover the cost of a funeral or memorial service. Estates can take weeks, months or even years to wind up and the last thing a family needs in a time of loss is the added worry of not knowing how they are going to afford the cost of the funeral, often resulting in many family members needing to dip into their savings or investments to cover the cost. You may have Life Insurance but this will not pay out in time to cover the funeral costs.

Funeral cover can also be extended to include cover such as a grocery provision plan when one person in a retired couple die. This would provide food for the surviving member. Funeral cover can include parents as well as in-laws and often, the funeral insurance premiums are being paid by one of the children of the pensioners who are aware of the cost of a funeral and the memorial service.

In many cultures a death in the family requires a large celebration of that persons life with many people attending. Some of the costs you can expect to incur when arranging a funeral would be the following.

  • Funeral home services
  • Car to transport the casket
  • cost for a casket/memorial stone
  • embalming
  • cost of the venue for the funeral service
  • Grave site/memorial plaque
  • Grave diggers cost
  • Cost of a headstone
  • Food and drinks
  • Hire of chairs and tables
  • Hire of crockery and cutlery
  • Transport of mouners

These costs can amount to many thousands of Rands or even hundreds of thousands of Rands depending on the type of funeral and the number of guests that attend.

Get a funeral insurance quote quickly and easily so that you can determine if the cost of the funeral plan will be worthwhile taking out. In order to get a funeral insurance for pensioners quote, or for anyone for that matter, simply complete the quote request form and we will provide you with the cost of funeral insurance.