People suffering with HIV have finally been given status by the Insurance Companies who will now insure people living with HIV. Life insurance for HIV positive people is a reality that every HIV positive person should get quotes on as the stigma of HIV being a death sentence has faded.

To get a Life Insurance quote of you are HIV positive or if someone you know is HIV positive, simply complete the form at and you will instantly get insured without having to have a medical examination. The fact that insurance companies are prepared to insure HIV positive people without a medical is a huge step in the right direction and allows every HIV positive person to protect their families from financial ruin if you are the breadwinner in your family.

HIV and Insurance Companies have been the subject of a lot of debate and finally the constitutional rights of HIV positive people are no longer being eroded. Where some individuals and companies are still a long way off coming to terms with HIV, the Insurance companies simply could not afford to ignore such a huge section of the population who are ready willing and able to buy Life Insurance.

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HIV positive people make up as an official percentage of total population is almost 12% with some speculating that the HIV prevalence is around the 30% mark. Either way, that is well over 6 million people who are potential customers of the Life Insurance companies and each one wants you as a customer!

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