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Pension fund adjudicator – Antoinette Muvhango Lukhaimane

Pension fund adjudicator – Antoinette Muvhango Lukhaimane

As a follow up to the article that indicates the increased level of complaints against pension fund administrators and the current pension fund adjudicators record of dealing with these cases, we thought you would like to know a little about the person who adjudicates the cases brought before the pension fund adjudicators office.

Name: Antoinette Muvhango Lukhaimane

Education: Highest appears to be an MBA from Wits business school in 2013 but holds an LLB, LLM and various other legal/finance qualifications.

She has been in Government since 2002, of which most of her time was spent at the pension fund adjudicators office, including a stint as deputy pension fund adjudicator for a year prior to her appointment in 2013.

Read her full CV on parliaments website: CV of Pension fund adjudicator – Antoinette Muvhango Lukhaimane>>

Take a look at Antoinette Muvhango Lukhaimane Linkedin profile >>

Or, take a look at her short resume on the PFA website >>

It is always a good idea to know a little about the person who will be taking on your case. We hope you find the information useful and of course, once you have read this, follow the instructions on the “how to lodge a formal complaint against your pension fund administrator” page and make her life easier when it comes to making a decision.

If you lay out your case well, provide her with the correspondence (in date order) and any evidence, emails etc showing what you have done and how you have attempted to deal with your query, you will be well rewarded.

The pension fund adjudicator is a very busy person and your job is to make her life easier, not leave her having to wade through mountains of paper. Prepare it, collate it, and put it in a file. Make a copy of the whole file for your records and provide it to her, well marked with your name, contact info and any other relevent information. Make notes and a summary of all the times you contacted by phone, email or post along with reference numbers, times and names of people you spoke to.

I hope you understand how important it is to provide comprehensive documentation with time lines for a good chance of success. Be prepared!!

5 Responses to “Pension fund adjudicator – Antoinette Muvhango Lukhaimane”

  1. Duanne Jardim says:

    Good Day ,I am the General Manager at High Pressure Systems cc And High Pressure Property Investments PTY LTD – account number 000029203 -STANDARD BANK. I have an urgent query on funds that were paid out from CMI PENSION FUND ,Fund number is 15060 .We require urgent information on this as Standard bank has frozen our business account because they require proof that the funds transferred did in fact belong to the above mentioned either of the above mentioned companies. Your urgent assistance would be much appreciated as our business is now suffering as we cannot trade. Kind Regards Duanne Jar

  2. Bernard Rambuda says:


    I am an employee at Statistics South Africa. I am 60 years old. I started working at The Office of the President in the former Venda Government in 1983 as a census clerk on 01 December 1983 as a temporary employee. I was permanently employed as administration clerk by the same office in 01 August 1985 and I was attached to Statistics Division. In 1995 I was transferred to Central Statistics Services now known as Statistics South Africa. I want to go on pension. We got our pension payouts in Venda in 1992.

    According to GEPF, I am told that my pension payouts will start paying from 01 June 1995(which was the day I assume duties at Statistics South Africa as I was transferred from Venda)

    The officer from your office who visits Statistics South Africa each Tuesday for pension matters insists that there must proof that I continued working from Venda to Statistics South Africa. A letter of permanent employment in Venda and a letter of transfer was given to him but he say it is not enough. He wanted duty records from 1992 to 1995. The file that contains this information is missing from our HR.

    This case is dragging on since June 2017. I should have already gone by now.

    What should I do in this case because nothing seems to be moving and I am stressful.

    Please help me


    Bernard Rambuda

  3. J B MBATHA says:

    I am acting on behalf of my son,Junior Thamsanqa Mbatha, whose Pension benefit from estate of my late wife who passed on in 2012, has not been paid. The application for Pension payout was done in 2016 through the Nelspruit office of Master of the High Court (REF GF831/2013). Several follow ups were made without any success. In February this year I decided to approach their Head Office in Pretoria. There I was told to go to GEPF to get an Original letter, which I did. I submitted another Original letter from GEPF on 5 June 2018.Nothing has happened since, I am financially strained,at one point I had to borrow money to keep my son, who is by the way at University,in class. I am also supporting 2 of his siblings. PLEASE HELP

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