We receive calls/emails on a daily basis from people who appear desperate when it comes to lodging a query or complaint with/against a pension fund administrator which resulted in us making each fund administrators contact details available, along with the funds they administrate.

This in itself did not have the desired effect as there appear to be very strict procedures which need to be adhered to if you want your query dealt with.

The pension fund adjudicators website gives us the information required to lodge a formal complaint but for example, I searched around on NBC Holdings website among others, to try and find out what the correct channels are to lodge a query or a complaint in terms of the legislation but have been unable to find the information I am looking for.

Please read the PDF thoroughly as your query/complaint is not likely to be dealt with if the procedure is not followed.

Complaint procedure document >>

Lodge a complaint directly with the pension fund adjudicator >>

Lodge an unofficial complaint with HelloPeter.com and learn how well they attend to queries/complaints

Please use the search facility in the blue strip above to search for your fund name or the administrators name if you know it and the results will give you their tel number. You will need to ask for their address and we would recommend sending correspondence by registered mail or if sent by email, request a read receipt.

If there is anyone who has procedural information for any particular fund administrator, please let us know so that we can make it available to others.

I cannot help feeling that some fund administrators are not adequately equipped to deal with the numbers of queries/complaints and hide behind legislated procedures for their poor service and communication with their customers.

I apologise for the rant, but trying to help people who have queries in this industry is really quite frustrating.