The pension fund adjudicator has seen an increase of more than 10 000 cases year on year or a massive 38%. The great news for those of you who are skeptical about how your complaint will be handled will be extremely happy to note that 83% of the complaints were ruled in favour of the complainant and only 17% were dismissed.

This is very encouraging news and should provide hope to those of you who feel that you are receiving poor service and are not getting what is rightly yours.

For all of you who have wanted to lodge a formal complaint against your pension fund administrators for not dealing with your issues to your satisfaction, make the complaint! Do not just accept what you are told. I personally helped an employee of a friend get a significantly higher payout on a retirement product than was first paid out simply by asking the right questions.

Follow the instructions, keep all correspondence and be dilligent about following up your query. If the pension fund administrators see that you are not just going to fade away, they will be forced to deal with your query.

  1. Follow the instructions on “how to make a formal complaint against your pension fund administrators
  2. Take down the time, names and telephone numbers of everyone you speak to. All fund administrators will record conversations. These are usually for their benefit, so turn their technology to your advantage and call for recordings if need be.
  3. Keep all correspondence.

You or your family members have worked hard for many years with an expectation at retirement. If it is not what you expect or are not satisfied with the outcome, ask for a complete accounting of the payout, including a history of the contributions and any deductions/fees charged.

If you are not totally satisfied with the amount, ask for the payout to be recalculated and if need be refer them to the pension fund adjudicator.

Here you will find a document that you can save or print which details, step by step what you need to do to make a formal complaint.

Complaint procedure document >>

Lodge a complaint directly with the pension fund adjudicator >>

Lodge an unofficial complaint with (I would recommend this step if you are being ignored by your pension fund administration company) If they still do not react, go the formal route.

If you follow the correct procedures in the complaint process, the fund administrators are obligated to deal with your complaint. If you do not follow procedure, the process is likely to take a whole lot longer.

We hope that by providing this information, more people will not just take pooir service from pension fund administrators lying down, but will hold them to account and get what is rightly theirs.