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R456 Million in unclaimed benefits at GEPF

R456 Million in unclaimed benefits at GEPF

There are around 17 000 people out there who are entitled to a piece of the unclaimed benefits fund from the GEPF (Government Employees Pension Fund) so if you have worked for the Government or had a family member (deceased or living) that once worked for the Government in some form, then you may be entitled to a piece of this R456 Million pie.

These unclaimed benefits are owed to people from both National and Provincial Government levels. The Government Pensions Administration Agency (GPAA) is the body held responsible for administrating the Government employees pension fund and is responsible for finding and paying out the 17 000 individuals.

Go to the GEPF page on >> to download the form and get their contact details.

Some interesting stats about the GPAA

In the 2013/14 financial year the GPAA received R52-billion in pension contributions and paid out 62,771 people who left their employment.

The GPAA receives an average of 2,239 resignations per month and there are an average of 749 deaths per month.

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Receiving what is due to you as an ex employee of the Government or due to you and your family members by virtue of the fact that a family member now deceased that onve worked for the Government can have life changing effects on the entire family.

We live in sometimes very challenging times with the cost of living seemingly going through the roof, Education costs sky rocketing. Get what is due to you!

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144 Responses to “R456 Million in unclaimed benefits at GEPF”

  1. Nolan louw says:

    Hi there is a lot of forms to download. How do I start to search which is the right form to see if I have unclaimed benefits

    Thank you

  2. Ruth Monnakale says:

    Hi my deceased grandfather was an ex soldier world war 2.
    Coporal Simon Monnakale.I need to know if he qualifies?

  3. Mirriam Moipone Myeza says:

    My name is Mirriam Myeza. I was working for Department of Finance . I would like to know whether I am entitled to receive any Unclaimed money from GEPF. My I’D no is 5901250658089

  4. SMaila says:

    I received a letter from the treasury saying my application has received favour and when I called to check status of my application the lady told me that GEPF financial period is closed I have to wait for next period my mom worked for government hospital Pension 96586831

  5. Marcellejoan Persent I'd 6209240072083 says:

    I worked for the Department of Education from 1985 to 2016′ I was paid out my pension. Do I qualify for surplus and how much. If so how do I claim

  6. Ntokozo says:

    hi,my uncle was a SAPS passed away in 1992 id no 6808085606085 Wellington Zakhele Zichaka.will you help me with his unclaimed benefits.

  7. Zandile buthelezi says:

    My mother was working for provincial gov as a GA she passed away and we did nt claim some of her monies eg ( blue book)… they refused to assist us with application because deceased had no children under 18 years of age.. that s what they told us..

  8. THANDI Ngubane(maiden Surname Khwela) says:

    I see my name on the latest comments saying that on unclaimed benefits of G E P F following my request to check if l don’t have benefits which were not paid after my resignation may l please know what to do my name is THANDI Ngubane Maiden name (Khwela) ID5411050782089 cell 0726085486 persal61569607 email

  9. Any BROKERS looking for help with unclaimed benefits – Please contact me on

  10. charlotte riet says:

    my name charlotte riet I worked for government hospital from 1989-2002 I was paid out my I quality for a surplus if so how do I claim

  11. Mbuyiseni Khoza says:

    I was employed by CSD ,retired 2016/07//31.So what I want to know do I qualify for surplus funds and how much.If so how can I claim it.

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