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R456 Million in unclaimed benefits at GEPF

R456 Million in unclaimed benefits at GEPF

There are around 17 000 people out there who are entitled to a piece of the unclaimed benefits fund from the GEPF (Government Employees Pension Fund) so if you have worked for the Government or had a family member (deceased or living) that once worked for the Government in some form, then you may be entitled to a piece of this R456 Million pie.

These unclaimed benefits are owed to people from both National and Provincial Government levels. The Government Pensions Administration Agency (GPAA) is the body held responsible for administrating the Government employees pension fund and is responsible for finding and paying out the 17 000 individuals.

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Some interesting stats about the GPAA

In the 2013/14 financial year the GPAA received R52-billion in pension contributions and paid out 62,771 people who left their employment.

The GPAA receives an average of 2,239 resignations per month and there are an average of 749 deaths per month.

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Receiving what is due to you as an ex employee of the Government or due to you and your family members by virtue of the fact that a family member now deceased that onve worked for the Government can have life changing effects on the entire family.

We live in sometimes very challenging times with the cost of living seemingly going through the roof, Education costs sky rocketing. Get what is due to you!

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144 Responses to “R456 Million in unclaimed benefits at GEPF”

  1. Kisten Moonsamy says:

    Worked for the former Natal Provincial Admininstration known as NPA. Contributed to Pension Fund from 1991 to 1994 . Worked as senior artisan mechanic at Government Workshop. Is there and surplus due to me.

    • M M Matsepe says:

      I worked for the government as a teacher from 1993-2013.I resigned and got my money so i want to know if there is surplus for me.My id no is 6608210359083-MM Matsepe cell no 0632216623

  2. Kisten Moonsamy says:

    0726217724 . Worked for the apartheid government. From 1991 to 1994 as senior artisan mechanic. Left due unfair treatment.

    Contact no. 0726217724

  3. M.Y WILLOUGHBY says:

    Phew i wonder if it is real money that disappear. Ive been in the que for 7 years.i dont want millions, say about 300ks. Im serious

  4. Christina Rosina Meiring says:

    I teached from 1/1/1970 till 31/10 /1999. I received my pension. Are there a possibility that my pension was wrongly calculated. Id 5207160107088

  5. Jeffrey Chiloane says:

    I was employed by the SAP from 1980 to 1988, I didn’t receive my pension fund and when I enquire from GEPF they say they don’t have any record, so I would like to know where can I be assisted

  6. Mixpher Mpingose says:



    I worked as an educator, subject advisor and Deputy Chief education Specialist when I undertook early retirement at the GAUTENG Education Department.I would like to know whether there was any money not paid out to my pensions. My pension number is CP64285841. My I.D NO:5401145755083. My mobile number: 0720207197. My experience include Transkei Education Dept and QWAQWA Education Department – 1978 – 2004.

  8. Londiwe says:

    My mom worked for the apartheid government from 1989 if im not mistaken and i once heard that people who worked during those years are owed money. I did go to enquire about it then and i was told to wait for my turn as this was done aphabetically. I have since been waiting for my turn as my mother is deceaced.

    • THANDI Ngubane(maiden Surname Khwela) says:

      I worked for the Government between 1980 and 1998 l resigned in 1988.Mayl please know if there is no money for me in the pension surplus funds my ID is 5411050782089 ,pedal 61569607 and my cell phone number 0726085486

  9. Sibusiso E Mazibuko says:

    I am Sibusiso Elphas Mazibuko, I would like to know how can I know whether do I have any unclaimed or not. I have work for the Department of Education for more than 40 YEARS

  10. BP Mazibuko says:

    I Bongiwe P Mazibuko and work for the Department of Education until I retired in 2012.

  11. Noncedo says:

    My late husband worked as an educator for 12 years and passed on April 2008; please assist me to check if he got all his GEPF from the Employer before he resigned prior to his death.

  12. Keitumetse says:

    How do I track that my father left us the money after passing for over 30 years now

  13. Mala Rabindranath says:

    Hi Please contact me on if there is outstanding funds due to me.

  14. Lucille Isaacs says:

    Good please advise if there is any outstanding monies outstanding to me.
    Worked as a nursing assistant from 1989 – 1997.
    ID no: 6904210260086

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